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Slings to the Basket

Slings to the Basket

Slings to the Basket is a puzzle game where you must move the player to reach the basket. To get the bear into the basket, you will have to jump over different obstacles.

As you advance, the difficulty of each stage increases. By using the sling, you must get the bear into the basket. While avoiding obstacles on your path to the baskets, you can collect fruits. If you do not get to the red spots fast enough, they'll disappear. You will find that the difficulty level increases with each new stage as obstacles and, in some cases, teleportation appear. While you are playing, you can collect fruit, such as apples and oranges, for the bear. Keep in mind that if you fail to pass through a red zone quickly, the area will be gone.

Manage the game with ease. Simply move your mouse to adjust the force, and release the button to toss the bear. The force can be increased by moving the mouse. Slings to the Basket also has lovely visuals with cute sloth creatures. Start playing immediately by choosing your favorite player. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game

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