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Retro Drift

Retro Drift

Get ready for the most romantic ride ever with Retro Drift! Surround yourself with a world full of nostalgia as you take control of the car and ride it on a road full of 90-degree twists and turns! Collect the vinyl on the street, make use of the power-ups, and see if you can reach new high scores!

Retro Drift offers simple yet addictive gameplay, making it a great choice to pass the time. While the controls can be fairly easy, the journey itself can be quite challenging as players try to find the right timing so the car won’t fall off the platform. There are 3 types of power-ups: score multiplier, car insurance, and additional vinyl. Collect the vinyl on the way to purchase power-ups and unlock new cars in Retro Drift!

How To Play

Hold the left mouse button to make the car ride to the right.

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