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Football Juggle

Football Juggle

The game of Football Juggle will keep you up all night. What is the maximum time you can bounce a soccer ball using your feet? It is your magic tricks that can capture the attention of others. You'll amaze your audience if you can juggle well. This new soccer game is for boys. You can show your ability by mastering the most advanced moves.

You will become better at juggling if you play this crazy football game. You can use a dummy as a training tool to help you pass the ball. You can try your juggling in this free online soccer game. You can practice controlling the ball. You can improve your score by playing this popular game. The points can be used to buy items such as stalls (pancakes), mama's trick, shoulder masters, and jugglers.

Discovering and using more sophisticated soccer strategies will help you attract more spectators. Soccer will be your new career, and you'll attract a lot of attention. If you kick harder from a close location, your scores will increase. This pixel art game is a physics challenge. Avoid obstacles, the floor, and other players. Wait for the right moment to come!

How To Play


  • Click and drag the mouse to move your player’s feet
  • The side of the screen you click will determine which foot you lift


  • Use your finger to move your player’s feet
  • Tap, hold, and drag one foot to lift and move it

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